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See Saw Bench | Installation

Aselton Park, 2019
Hyannis, MA


“Sea Saw”  is an interactive sculpture, designed to encourage playing and relaxing by the Harbor Walk and to symbolically link Hyannis’ maritime history with the experience of being on and near the harbor. 


The design for “Sea Saw” comes from a lingering childhood memory of rowing a dinghy into shore. It is inspired by the form of a boat, turned upside down for careful storage, as if resting between a row in the Harbor, and then sitting on it to look back from where I had come. The upside down dinghy always rocked gently, reminding me of the waves and the motion of the sea.  The piece is designed to sit on and be enjoyed. In its flipping, it takes on a new meaning as a bench, but a bench that rocks – a see – saw - or SEA - SAW


Sea Saw is a partner piece with Ripple, up the hill, by the tree. The gentle rocking of the abstract hulls creates a little frolic on the hill, inviting play and rest along the harbor.


It is made combining a playful aesthetic with traditional boatbuilding techniques such as:
Stitch and glue 
A method originating in England in the early 60's. The shape of the boat is defined by the shape of the separate hull panels. They get stitched together with copper wire around a small number of frames and then all seams are "welded" with fiberglass tape and epoxy resin. 


Funded through a Grant from 
some very nice people

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